The Urology Hospital
Pretoria, South Africa
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Dr Izak van Heerden’s practice is situated in The Urology Hospital, Pretoria, the only dedicated urology hospital in South Africa of which he was one of the founding members.

The hospital has developed into a pinnacle of urological services in Sub-Saharan Africa, offering the full range of first world urological services and welcomes patients from all over the continent.

There are currently over 20 urologists practicing in this hospital, where each doctor has a special field of interest, all this expertise is available to Dr Van Heerden to utilize. Services such as flexible ureteroscopy, urological ultrasound and flow studies are performed in his own practice.
Radio-isotope studies and the full range of urological radiology is available and offered. Both adult and paediatric urological cases are managed in The Urology Hospital, where Dr. Izak van Heerden's practice is based, creating the ultimate environment for in- and outpatient care.