Dr. Izak van Heerden can assist with and perform the following procedures:

Paediatric Reconstructive Work

Hypospadia repair, both primary and salvage procedures. Management of exstrophy of the bladder and reconstructive work on the bladder and ureters for conditions like vesico-ureteric reflux, or obstructive diseases of the ureter such as pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction and mega-ureter. Dr van Heerden popularized the minimally invasive posterior lobotomy surgery for kidney disease where a young child / baby is operated on and can be discharged the same day. Procedures like removal of the kidney in a child can also lead to a hospital stay of usually not more than one day.

Prostate Surgery

Benign and malignant prostate conditions such as TURP, open retropubic prostatectomy as well as radical prostatectomy. Robotic radical removal of the prostate is also now offered at The Urology Hospital, Pretoria.

Stone Disease

All aspects of endo-urology such as laser, removal of stones, flexible ureteroscopy as well as removal of complicated kidney stones with percutaneous nephrolithotomy. He has partaken in many instructional courses as well as video surgery in the training of other urologists in South Africa.

Additional Procedures & Services

Urethra Repair

Urethral strictures both by endoscopic and open surgery, as well as more complicated conditions like membranous urethra strictures following pelvic fractures.

Minor Surgery

Circumcisions, vasectomies, etc. are also performed routinely.

Female Urology

Bladder slings for urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse etc.

Male Incontinence Surgery

Insertion of AMS800 artificial sphincters.

Male infertility

Education & Consultation

Dr. Van Heerden has also presented various instructional courses as well as lectures on erectile dysfunction and testosterone supplementation.